A Vintage Afternoon Tea At White Rabbit Teahouse

Whilst spending a day-off shopping in the city centre, my friend and I stumbled upon this place called the White Rabbit Teahouse along an alleyway and decided to have afternoon tea to reward ourselves after long months of late-night studies. The White Rabbit Teahouse serves home-baked cakes, scones & light lunches throughout the day. It is a good spot for a relaxed lunch, afternoon tea, and they even host private functions for special occasions such as private parties and hen do’s.

The pastel, vintage board sign with a rabbit outside the teahouse decorated with a string of colourful flags instantly drew me in. Upon entering, one could smell the delicious waft of freshly baked cakes and brewing teas. The interior design of the teahouse is dedicated to a classic vintage theme with floral wallpapers, old wooden furniture, and framed portraits. Atop each table, were matching pairs of tiny rabbit salt and pepper shakers that we knew we couldn’t resist taking dozens of photos with.

We read off the menu and placed our orders at the counter till, where I was attracted by the display of traditional china and tea sets on the shelves. Some of the items displayed were made available for purchase for collectors and those who wanted a souvenir.

After much contemplation, we finally decided to each get a slice of their homemade cakes baked on site in the little kitchenette, a pot of tea and a sparkling beverage that was recommended to us.

“The Hummingbird”

Price: £3.30 (approx. RM18.20)

The first slice of cake we got was called “The Hummingbird”. It is essentially a traditional English fruit and carrot cake, but with a twist by adding pineapples. This was the house specialty and one of their top customer favourites. Once we took a bite, it became ours as well. The cake was heavy, dense, and filled with lots of dried fruits – all signs of a good fruit cake. The buttercream frosting was light and airy, the carrot flavour came through nicely as well. But we were struggling to find any hints of pineapple as mentioned.

Victoria Sponge with Orange, Apricots and White Chocolate Frosting  

Price: £3.30 (approx. RM18.20)

The other slice was my personal pick for its beautiful, bright autumn colours, and generous amounts of orange and apricots. In contrast to the Hummingbird, the Victoria sponge was light and fluffy, with good amounts of frosting, orange, and apricot slices in between layers. The white chocolate frosting was very sweet, but the mix of fresh orange was able to balance the flavours well. Two slices of cake with very different textures – it’s hard for me to pick a favourite, but I’m glad to say I’ve tried both.

White Tea with Rose and Pomegranate

Price: £2.40 (approx. RM13.25)

Along with a slice of cake, I opted for a traditional cup of tea. The tea infused with rose and pomegranate was very aromatic. I first tried it bland to get the pure flavours of the tea, which was very delicate and soothing. Then by my last cup, I added in a sugar cube and a splash of milk – it became a very light, comforting milk tea instead. They offer soya milk and decaffeinated tea alternatives as well.

Belvoir Sparkling Organic Lemonade

Price: £2.90 (approx. RM15.95)

This sparkling organic lemonade was recommended to us by the service staff who said that it would go well with the sweets. It came in a bottle with a vintage tag with a very 1920s design. The lemonade, though refreshing, was nothing out of the ordinary.

The atmosphere of the store was cosy and quiet, and the staff were very welcoming and helpful with suggestions. Located in a quaint spot by Bridlesmith Walk, this teahouse turned out to be a delightful find for us as we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and eating cake.

White Rabbit Teahouse Address: 5 Bridlesmith Walk, Nottingham NG1 2HB

White Rabbit Teahouse Operating Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday: 11.30am – 5.00pm


Written by Laurel Tan Xiang Min

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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