On the 27th February, the event “WAR-TER Polo 2.0”, organised by the UNMC Swimming Club took place at the Sport Complex’s swimming pool. As early as 5.30pm, participants filled the pool to warm-up. A total of 26 students registered for the event and were split into four teams of six to seven.

The tournament was played with the round robin format whereby each team would be put against every other team. The placings of the teams were determined according to the total points achieved. In addition, each game consisted of eight-minute halves with a five-minute break in between.

The Participants:

Team 1: Essam Gouda, Ahmed Elgamal, Mohamed Ibrahim, Adham Nomeir, Mohammed Tareq, Yousef Elfeky.

Team 2: Seif Wael, Benedict, Ayesha Jamil, Cuan Hern, Wayne.

Team 3: Jai, Rishi, Johnathan Peter, Sarah, Lim Wei Chien, Jackson Wong, Sofea.

Team 4: Anis Sahoo, Abhinav Lahiri, Pranav, Estin, Jia Wen, Ting, Shi Han.

Water Polo Team 1

Champion Team 1

Team 1 VS Team 2

At 6.05pm, before the games began, the president of Swimming Club, Sarah Thorp delivered a briefing on the rules and regulations on the tournament to the players. Ten short minutes later, the tournament began with Team 1 versus Team 2. The pace of the match started slow with both teams holding each other at a stalemate for most of the first half until Team 2 struck first as halftime approached, but Team 1 quickly equalized. The second half went down in similar fashion as Team 2 took the lead in the final few minutes only to lose it with two minutes remaining. As a result, the final score was 2-2.

Team 1 VS Team 3

In the match between Team 1 and Team 3, Team 1 started having more possession of the ball. Team 1 started scoring while Team 3 tried to catch up. After trying hard, Team 3 managed to score against Team 1. But, Team 1 was quite a strong team and scored 10 points. The final score was concluded at 10-1 for Team 1.

Team 1 VS Team 4

In the match between Team 1 and Team 4, Team 1 started off on a strong foot. Team 4 managed to score 1 point. Even though Team 1 conceded, they managed to score 11 points. This game ended with a final score of 11-1 for Team 1.

Water Polo Team 2

1st Runners up Team 2

Team 2 VS Team 3

Team 2 faced off Team 3 and the game started off with a loud cheering from the onlookers. The pace of the game started getting more intense with time. Both the teams gave their best to win. In the end, Team 2 won the game with a score of 8-7.

Team 2 VS Team 4

Match between Team 2 and Team 4 started with quite a hype. Team 2 were very good in water polo game and they kept on scoring. Team 4 tried to catch up and in the end, they managed to score 3 points. Team 2 became the winner of the game and the final score was 12-3.

Water Polo Team 3

2nd Runners Up Team 3

Team 3 VS Team 4

The competition for this game was quite intense. Both the teams showed their skills in this game. The scores were quite close for both the teams. Finally, Team 3 emerged as the winner of the game with a score of 6-5.






2 2



6 5



10 1



12 3



11 1



8 7


Final Standings:

1st place: Team 1

2nd place: Team 2

3rd place: Team 3

Written by: Bervyn Tan & Mirza Rayana Sanzana

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