[September] Welcome to UNMC

Dear Freshman,

Welcome to the jungle. You have made it so far, whether you are fresh from high school, returning to formal education after a gap or just recently completed your foundation course; you’ve definitely come a long way to get here.

Soon, you will be swept off your feet with all the fresher’s week revelries, the diverse range of electives and, of course, all the new friends you are bound to make. Maybe you might even find your other half here.

If you weren’t already aware of the fact, you will soon discover that Malaysia is home to several beautiful islands just waiting for you to explore. Kuala Lumpur, though a bus and long train ride away – is a thriving city with infinite possibilities. Do head out and make the city your own (specifically, the streets and alleys; there’s more to the city than glittery shopping malls and night clubs).

Your time in a new university year can also be a chance to reinvent yourself, create a new identity, push yourself out of your comfort zone and take a risk. Do you want to be a singer or part of a band? Join Music Society’s Spotlight or Music Talent Quest. Want to give back to the community? Sign up with ACE, last year’s best society award winner. Want to run for Office? Get involved with the Student Association or the Student Council. Want to be a recognized writer or photographer? Join us. We don’t bite.

What you do in the next three years here will lead you to who you want to be, both here and out in the big bad world. UNMC is your scratchpad, your playground, your dive board. Two years ago, I too was a starry-eyed freshman and all I really wanted to do was write for the student media. I  joined the Ignite family as a writer but quickly filled in the vacant position of Features Editor. Thanks to a dedicated editorial team and my predecessor Eiman, I also now have the honour of holding my current position.

As your senior and final year student, the only advice I can offer you is to attend your classes. I must admit that I regret missing a few classes now and then. At the risk of sounding clichéd, textbook learning and internet resources don’t even come close to the enriching experience of the lecture room environment.

No matter what path you choose to create and follow, good luck and have fun.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Soumya Bhat

Editor-in-Chief (2014-2015)


"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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