When In Rome!




The beauty of this world can only be measured by the moments that take our breaths away, and my breath was surely stolen in Rome. I spent that summer of 2011 travelling from Paris to Rome, and although many people recognize Paris as the city of romance, I fell in love in Rome. I fell in love with the culture, the architecture, the history, the food and the people and ever since then I don’t think I’ve been able to move on.

What I distinctively remember about Rome is the gentle, light laughter carried in the wonderful breeze. The people welcomed us with a contagious smile and tried their best to communicate with us with their sexy Italian accent. I still remember bursting with laughter when I finally heard an Italian IN ITALY say ‘would you like spaghetti?’ Needless to say, the people were extremely welcoming and friendly, always ready to help a tourist out when lost, and I must admit… we were lost quiet a lot! But what is more beautiful than being lost in Rome?

Of course when speaking of Rome one must always mention the Coliseum and never forget the Trevi Fountain. Seeing the Coliseum in real life is a different feeling than seeing it through the TV screen. It was monumental and absolutely spectacular! This is the heart of the history of Rome, and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed of the stories that took place in that exact place. To add more to the theme of that area, men were dressed in the gladiator costume allowing their pictures to be taken with tourists, and horse carriages were taking couples on a tour around the area. Love was simply in the air, more to the fact that a bride and groom just walked out of a church nearby and were having their wedding photograph at the Coliseum. They allowed me to share their happiness and take a picture with them. That moment of that entire place took my breath away…

Another one of my most favourite and unforgettable places was the Trevi Fountain. It was incredibly huge with colossal statues at the very end. I noticed that the bottom of the fountain glistened, and as I came closer to inspect the source, I realized that the base of the fountain was filled with pennies and coins. Apparently the Italians have a long, beautiful tradition regarding certain fountains. One must turn his/her back to the fountain and throw a penny while making a wish, and I speculated that most of these pennies were thrown on a wish for love, I know mine was.

It is simply impossible to not speak of love when mentioning the Trevi Fountain as again, love was in the air in that particular place also. I witnessed a beautiful young woman close her eyes as she threw back the penny into the fountain and when she opened them, she found her boyfriend on one knee with a tiny, black, opened box in his hand. A large crowd formed around them that I couldn’t hear her response, but it was quiet obvious it was a yes as the crowd broke into a loud cheer and I saw her jump into her boyfriend’s arms and kiss him! Having been able to be present during someone’s happiness is a blessing and that moment too, did take my breath away…

I left Rome with a longing heart to someday return again and I do encourage every hopeless romantic, every dreamer, every writer, and every man searching for happiness and love to walk the streets of Rome.

Laila Telawi

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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