When Your Ear Rings For Attention

Ever felt like you’ve got just the perfect outfit for class, or an event but you’re just missing out on a little WOW FACTOR? Well, earrings are not just fashion statements but pieces that work like the wand of a fairy godmother that can transform an ordinary outfit into an outfit that rings for attention. By the late 17th century, earrings were no longer predominantly male ornaments, but essentials to the female fashion empire.

Earrings are nothing new to the fashion industry. In fact, I believe it to be the most flexible piece of jewellery in the world of accessories (hence why I have close to 39 pairs of earrings and counting, excluding my traditional Indian gold earrings). Over the course of y-ears (pun intended), the evolution of earrings is truly mind-ravelling. From chandeliers, pearl studs to 80s hoops and the modern day ear cuffs. Earrings are basically immortals in the fashion world, ever changing to fit into the modern woman’s everyday life. However, what kind is the right kind? Are all of it acceptable for the daily lives of a hectic, sleep-deprived University student? I am here to prove that it is POSSIBLE.

As much as styling is key to a great, coordinated outfit, earrings play more emotional roles as they too, much like makeup, tell our stories and emotions of the day. Well, without further ado, here’s mine and the different tales I tell through my various earrings.


For a minimalist and casual day to class, studs are perfect to have a little ounce of drama to a laidback outfit. These days, studs aren’t defined stereotypically but now come in dramatic volumes of size and characters. My personal favourite from my collection is the pearl flower stud I got from my mother as a child. Not only does it hold a symbolic value to me but it reminds me of home and how simple and elegant a look can be without needing to be over the top to stand out.


Who said piercings are even necessary? For those who aim to rebel, Clip Ons and Ear Cuffs are simply the perfect badass accessories that have taken the fashion industry by storm the past year! The great thing about them are they’re easy, light and totally eye-catching as they totally diverge away from normality.


What if you fully intend for your ears to be the main attraction? Then the dramatic, over the top earrings are the perfect match! These ones may look super-duper big and heavy but don’t let them deceive you as they’re quite manageable and easy to style with! To top of it off, with the edition of the multi-coloured tassels which are hot on trend right now, these kinds of earrings are a must have.


My go-to earring these days when I’m travelling or when I’m rushing for my 9 a.m. class and need to just “Wing It!” are these colourful tassel earrings I thrifted from an Indian bazaar. They are just total babes as they match everything and anything. Not only do earrings like this give you the extra pop of freshness, but also they define the colours in your outfit better and with more details!


One of the immortals that live in the realm of earrings are HOOPS. They have never been out of style, and you can never go wrong with any kind of hoop for that flirty, timeless look. The advantage with hoops like the one I own is that it can be the accessory that shines in a minimalistic outfit or it simply adds more glam and glitter to an already stunning outfit! Either way, these hoops fit in anywhere, anyway.


By Anussya Jayasimhan

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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