Wishlist Wants: All I Want For Christmas Is…

As we at IGNITE sing along to Mariah Carey’s famous Christmas jingle, we’ve each got one thing on their wishlists (and no, it’s not you). In the spirit of giving – or more so taking – we indulge in our unattainable fantasies from the screens behind which we write. So, from us to you, we present our humble little wishlist, with love.


Jane-Menn Cheong | GUCCI Crystal-Embellished Floral Midi Dress

Image from http://www.matchesfashion.com/

Extravagantly eclectic and blossoming in euphoria, I have always gazed through the windows at Alessandro creations. So, it was fairly simple having to pick my Wishlist Want – it had to be pink, it had to be sparkly – IT HAD TO BE GUCCI. Subtly oriental, and oh-so extra, this dress is something I’d wear to casually pick up groceries in or walk my dog (not in Malaysian weather God forbid!). With its woven fabric and sequined cuffed sleeves, the crystal-embellished dress is tied together with a snake around the collar – in signature Gucci fashion.

Price: RM23,675 @ https://www.matchesfashion.com/ 


Andrew Ng | NEEDLES Samue Coat

Image from http://nepenthes.shop-pro.jp/

I really appreciate Japanese streetwear, how it comes packaged with a particular lifestyle and mode of expression. I picked this coat jacket because I really enjoy the contrast throughout the entire piece. Based on a traditional yukata design, the piece subverts common expectations and goes with denim as its choice of textile, bringing together the best of both worlds and once again resurfacing appreciation for traditional values.

Price: RM 1401.13 @ http://nepenthes.shop-pro.jp/ 


Tania Zainudin | SAINT LAURENT Black Leather & Taupe Suede Bellechasse Bag

Image from https://www.ysl.com/us/

Saint Laurent’s Fall 2017 Collection came out with one of my all-time favourite bags. The Bellechasse is a cross-body satchel that comes in several colours and in several combinations of textures, but my personal pick is the newest release of the type. The suede and leather combination of black taupe screams sophistication and versatility. I’ve pictured myself in this at a wedding as a clutch when the straps are kept, and even cross-bodied for days out with friends. Its contrasting colour combination is a statement in itself.

Price: RM7295.14 (approx) @ https://www.ysl.com/us

Vikki Gitata | SELF-PORTRAIT One-Shoulder Asymmetric Guipure-Lace Dress

Image from https://www.matchesfashion.com/

I was put on to Self-portrait by Aimee Song and honestly, there is no turning back. This dress is perfect for sunny, day events or warm nights which is all that Malaysia offers. Great twist to the still trending love-shoulder trend. The combination of the ruffles, lace and asymmetric shoulder sure sounds like a lot but it blends together so well. Given that it is also wedding season, this dress fits the occasion perfectly. Love it!!

Price: RM1445 @ https://www.matchesfashion.com/

Anussya Jayasimhan | MANISH ARORA Planet Velvet Ring Clutch Bag

Image from https://www.farfetch.com/

A personal fashion goal of mine has always been to own at least one piece of Manish Arora’s masterpieces. From his recent collection off the runways of Paris Fashion Week, come cosmic themed statement pieces to commemorate the label’s decade in fashion. So, it is no surprise that I chose this velvet bag embellished with technicolour sequins. Perfect for stargazers and astronomy lovers alike, I haven’t slept a night without dreaming about it since I laid eyes on it. It was true love. Both flirty and elegant, this bag is perfect to have at a cosmo with your friends or at an event where you can outshine the stars of this universe. This amazing piece from his Cosmic Love collection is the top of my Christmas list this year!

Price: RM2849.47 (approx.) @ https://www.lyst.com/

As with all dreams, ours has now come to an end. We do hope you find it in your hearts to grant some of our wishes – and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.


Written by Jane-Menn Cheong, Andrew Ng, Tania Zainudin, Vikki Gitata and Anussya Jayasimhan

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