The Zion Club Experience

At the end of a long and stressful week my friends and I decided to visit the club Zion for the first time. It is notable for its unique features of two independent floors separated by soundproof concrete, providing people with a unique party experience which made us eager to visit. After contacting the club’s customer service we reserved a table and chose our drink package and took down the directions we needed to get there. After arriving at our long awaited destination we stood before a radiant establishment with modern architectural design and a well-lit sign that proudly read “Zion” making it easy to spot. After paying our admission fee, we were stamped with the fluorescent Zion seal of approval, igniting the beginning of a glorious night.

To kick start the experience we had to choose which section of the club to visit first and decided to begin with the ground floor and work our way up. The Ground  floor had an old school disco setting with a more casual theme, with a large crowd of party lovers, tourists and occasional drinkers.

The dance floor in this section was packed with energetic individuals and friends who, both intoxicated and sober, were clearly enjoying the party and dancing in sync to the simple yet irresistible music selection prepared by the DJ.

After taking our time and enjoying the environment on the ground floor we decided to make our way up, through the exclusive Phabric section door which leads onto the upper section of the club, past a luxurious display of fine French wine and a state-of-the-art Laser lighting system setup which together with the smoke machine gives party goers the illusion of entering an entirely different venue.




The second floor was much more luxurious than the floor below, with a well-furnished setting and an extravagant yet elegant theme that gives a feeling of being in a different club with an entirely different niche group. With regards to the target audience of this floor they mostly include couples, honeymooners and generally people with a sense of class and those who prefer exclusivity and extravagance. Another difference between the two floors would be the formal dress code, with people wearing shorts, slippers or sleeveless t-shirts being prevented entry into Phabric. In my opinion the upper floor has a great sense of prestige.

Some of the things I especially loved about the club was the fact that the DJs on both the floors played different genres of music, creating a unique and independent experience on each floor. Also, being able to enjoy two parties under one roof makes for good variety and all the while the well calibrated lighting and scene management aspects of the club were very well managed to enchance the experience. On top of that, the club’s alcohol selection was much wider than the average club’s, complimented by very experienced and reliable bartenders. What I liked the most was the level of professionalism and courtesy of the staff members in the club.




We left the club in the wee hours of the morning at 5:00 am feeling very satisfied. If I were to rate this club out of 5 I’d give it a solid 4 due to the well maintained environment, friendly staff and quality of drinks, with the only downside being the outrageously expensive alcohol. Nonetheless I would still recommend it to all, because whether you’re a liquor lover or a party fanatic this is the place for you.



By Bebo Osama

Photo Credits: Zion

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